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What is Clippit?

Clippit is an iOS and Android app that lets you, create, and share short clips of memorable TV moments.


Why should I use it?

Clippit is the perfect tool to capture and share memorable moments that you see on TV with your friends, family, and followers. You can also keep track of favorite clips.


How do I create clips?

To create a clip, tap on the Clip tab. You’ll then see a list of shows airing right now on TV. Simply, tap the show you want to clip and you’ll be taken to a list of scenes from the show with the most current scene at the top. Select the scene you want to clip, set the start and end point, select your cover image, add in a caption, and then create and share the clip.


How do I share clips?

In the final step of creating a clip, you can share it to Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. Additionally, if you see a clip in the app that you want to share, you can tap the Share arrow in the upper right hand corner of the clip and then share it on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Messaging, or Email. You can also copy a link to the clip or get code to embed it in your website or blog.


How do I embed a clip in my blog or website?

To embed a clip in your blog or website, tap the Share icon in the upper right hand corner of the clip and then tap the Embed icon. You’ll then see code that you can add to your website or blog to embed the clip.


How can I view clips or discover new clips?

To discover new clips, tap the View Clips tab and tap on any of the lists you see there to view clips in that category. Tap the clip again to pause it and again to restart it. Additionally, you can use the Search field to search for a clip from a particular show or for a specified hashtag.

How can I get help if I have an issue with the app?

You can email if you have any issues with the app and we'd be happy to help you resolve it.

How can I send feedback on the app?

We’d love to get your feedback on the app - both good and constructive. Please send your feedback to

How can I get a response if I have a question about copyright items?

You can email if you have any questions and we'd be happy to assist you.

How do I request a new channel be added to clip?

If you don’t see your channel on the Clip tab then you can send us your channel requests by emailing them to


How can I request to have my data deleted?

You can email if you have requests regarding your account and we'll be happy to help you resolve it.

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